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Step 1. Please download the registration form below.

Step 2. Fill-in the form completely.

Step 3. Choose the membership category. 

Step 4. Choose payment mode.

Physician member (SGD $50) 

currently licensed MD or MBBS

Technologist member (SGD $30)

sonographer, technologist, clinician, scientist, educator, and other professional

Retired member (SGD $15)  

retired from the vascular ultrasound profession and not in employment

Associate member (SGD $30)  

sonography industry partner

For bank transfer or online banking,

  • Please attach the screenshot of the successful bank transaction with the submission of the registration form. 

  • Please ensure the screenshot includes the transaction number and the amount paid. 

Skip Steps 3 and 4. 
Complimentary membership till May 2022.

Step 5. Please send completed registration form and screenshot of successful

            bank transaction to

An official receipt will be sent to the indicated preferred email address once the payment has been confirmed. 

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